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LGBTQ Travel Planning

Best Destinations

Travel With Hilo experts understand your needs. Our team is experienced in LGBTQ travel destinations so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest 

Our Staff Selections  . . . LGBTQ Travel Destinations to Delight

Our staff knows LGBTQ travel and our top picks for destinations which are sure to please.  We have researched the hottest travel spots around the world to spark your imagination.


Indigenous  wildlife?  Sure there is lots of  it in Australia but you want to  know about the attractions, nightlife and amenities.    Travel With Hilo will guide you through the choices for locations, hotel and attractions to make your visit satisfying and memorable. Australia is now on the list of awe inspiring places to tie the knot. From LGBTQ friendly cruises, to strolling stunning beaches, to the hot new trend of caravanning and camping , we will find just the right location and activities specialized for you.

Seoul, South Korea

LGBTQ destinations around the world are becoming more popular every day, and Seoul South Korea is  no exception. You'll want to hit Homo Hill in Itaewon, gay scene, with all the nightlife and gay clubs and drag shows  . . ..  will write more if you wish or change destination.

LGBTQ Cruises

 It's no secret that the LGBTQ comminity loves to cruise.  Cruise lines today, embrace the diversity of couples and welcome the community.  Our top picks for LGBTQ cruise lines are Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, Celebrity and NCL.  Whether you are looking for a group cruise or travel independently, we will custom your travel experience to your personal preferences.


With LGBTQ friendly destinations around the globe, Travel With Hilo assures you the best travel experience

We look forward to planning your LGBTQ vacation

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